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15 hours ago

Marijuana OSP

Keep Billy AliveI’m SO SO thrilled to be able to tell you all that today my little Wizard is TWENTY THREE WEEKS seizure free .

I don’t want to talk much about the events of this last number of months - as Billy’s mummy it’s been the most torturous traumatic emotional ordeal I have ever had to endure in my entire life .

Being absolutely and totally honest - I have had to step out of the room on a number of occasions so as Billy didn’t see me sad - my heart breaking into a thousand pieces and then some - following on from my last post - all three cruel fabricated reports by Dr. X RVHBSC to Social Services have proved groundless .

I didn’t share the half of what we have been put through with any of you on this page .
I couldn’t do it.
Couldn’t write it.
It was just to painful.

Today I’d like to thank the Wizards global team of doctors ( they are so happy with how he is doing) Professor Helen Cross GOSH , private consultant , paediatric consultant and GP who have wrapped their arms around my beautiful Wizard this last two years and carried him to where he is today . They love Billy.

It is quite simply blowing my mind to watch this beautiful and innocent child who could never fake or pretend getting better- show such great improvement using cannabis oil as medicine - despite such an aggressive and devastating medical condition.

Look at this Wizard - there’s no doubt in my mind that he can make it - with the right tools and doctors at his disposal.
I have never been so grateful in my entire life that we have legal and safe access to cannabis oil for this brave boy.

There are no words to describe how blessed I am to have ended up where I am right now with a child who despite his disability - is healing and most DEFINITELY DEFINITELY so beyond HAPPY.

This Wizard is so ecstatic to be alive.
I thank god - the universe - whoever made this possible - I thank them for this plant.

This medicine is categorically - without a shadow of a doubt - saving his life .

Thank you to each and everyone of you who has come along on this journey with us - if Harry , Ron and Hermione can keep on keepin’ on after all the struggles that crossed their paths in muggle world - then I have no doubt my wondrous wizard and I can to.

I never want any of you to think we have forgotten any of your beautiful messages of love and light - even in our darkest days you all have stayed with us. We are filled with gratitude .

Thank you for loving Billy .
We love you all.

Charlotte ....... 💜
#happy23weeks #wonderouswizard
#cannabiscan #pottorpower #billyslaw #keepbillyalive #keepbelievinginthemagic
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2 days ago

Marijuana OSP

Sierra Lynn RiddleWe are getting SOOOO CLOSE to Landon’s 8 YEARS of Remission!!! November 15th he will be FREE of cancer for 8 years!!!❤️🥰💚😍 ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago

Marijuana OSP

Keep Billy AliveBREAKING NEWS - You have to understand it breaks my heart to write this but I know so many of you are personally invested in the Wizard ‘s well being and love him so I need to let you know what is going on.

As many of you have seen from my posts already - two weeks tomorrow Minister Robin Swann intervened to help Billy .
We cried happy tears.

Right now today as I type this to you Billys army of followers - I never ever in my entire life envisaged this - tears of sadness spill onto the page . In the blink of an eye our world has been turned inside out - upside down and back to front all over again ......

The torturous ordeal continues . Right now this is where we are.

I include a short caption of my most reasont letter to our health minister Robin Swann .

** “ Almost two weeks have passed and as yet I have not received any correspondence from you reflecting your statement.
In addition, I have had no correspondence from anyone in the Department informing me that future funding has been secured, and that a shared care plan for Billy’s treatment has been formulated.
In the meantime, Billy is not protected. I need not remind you that Billy has a life-threatening condition. Should he become acutely ill the DOH has still not put a medical care plan in place .

I'm sorry to say that I have now discovered that I have been reported to Social Services THREE times over my care of Billy by one doctor. I want this distracting and dangerous behaviour to stop.

Due to DR. X ‘s continued actions it has become obvious they are determined to try to remove Billy from my care . I fear that their actions show not that they want to protect Billy but could be willing to do something that would only hurt Billy . I am extremely frightened for my little boy. I am pleading with you to ask Dr. X to stop.”**

(Ends - To confirm there is nothing I do in the care and love of my son to ever trigger the need for SS to investigate his welfare . Any allegations that could do that are by their nature false , unfounded and deeply hurtful. )

Let me tell you right now how painful this is .
Painful to write.
Painful to live.

Cannabis is the best medicine I have ever found for this Wizard.

The most important thing in my life is making sure my beautiful brave boy lives a long - happy life. And I know in my heart he does not HAVE to go through this.

It hurts my soul and is shaking me to my core that Billy is been tortured . I am been tortured .

I do not doubt myself but been absolutely and totally honest - I am frightened - my Wizard can not lose his life saving medicine and recommended care plan to keep him safe .

I’ve been scared and I didn’t know how to tell you .
But to be honest - the fear is very minimal compared to the fear that I have of losing my little boy.

Billy is so happy to be alive.
This child LOVES life. He ‘s happy to be here, and i am so honored he choose me to be his mummy.

Billy deserves to live. I’m doing EVERYTHING in my power to do that.
To say that I am devastated is an understatement.
I am shattered and trying my best to remain positive for my Wizard during the most difficult time of his life and quite frankly my live as well.

Right now that is all I can muster up the willpower to tell you.

Please pray for my Wizard.

Thank you all for loving Billy.

Friends ,
Can you all please share with your MLA ‘s , MP ‘s and Minister of Health Robin Swann.

Charlotte ......... 💜
#keepbillyalive #abandoned
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1 week ago

Marijuana OSP

Ed Rosenthal👽🍦Aliens and Cream F1 (Glazed Cherries f4 x Koffee f5) overlooking the smoke laden landscape. New Aliens n Cream F1 in the works with the f5 and f6 parental lineage. Always thinking about the next generation. The high has proven to be a euphoric mood uplifter, a farm favorite for sure...we're always reaching for that jar...very good medicine for the state of the world right now. ⬆️💨✳️🌄✨🌌🧬
Stunning Setting / Garden /Image by @greensourcegardens.
#GROWYOUROWN 💪🏼 #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #edrosenthal
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2 weeks ago

Marijuana OSP

The Mike Wise Show ... See MoreSee Less

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