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Marijuana OSP

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Marijuana OSP

🌲Whole Plant Picking🌲
There are several reasons for cutting the whole plant at once:
• The buds have matured at the same time. This often happens on small plants or when the entire plant is fully illuminated. All the buds on sea-of-green plants usually mature at the same time.
• Weather conditions are threatening.
• The entire plant, or most of it, is to be used for extracts or concentrates, so full cosmetic ripening is not important.
• Space needs to be made for new planting. If the planting area is scheduled to be replanted, waiting for some buds to ripen throws off the schedule. It is usually not worth the time delay.

👍🏽Pros: The plants are quickly removed from the field or room and away from environmental stresses.
👎🏽Cons: Not all the buds are perfectly ripe. Some are either over-ripe or immature and are best used for concentrates and extracts.

Thoughts? Experience?

Harvest time is coming closer...I'll be be posting more about this subject as we hit #Croptober. Let me know if there is a subject you want to discussed?

#EdRosenthalsestBuds Photo by Kristen Angelo #GROWYOUROWN 💪🏼
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6 days ago

Marijuana OSP

Even as industry instability and environmental threats swirl around him, Humboldt Seed Company founder Nathaniel Pennington has remained focused on a single goal: create a true-breeding F1 hybrid. After six years of work, he may have accomplished just that and he’s preparing to tell the world.

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